Saturday, July 25, 2009

In pursuit of real football

Even though this blog is having a month, or two, off football, I did want to mention our expedition on Tuesday to see some real football. Me, Joe and Louis set off to Bower Fold, home of Stalybridge Celtic, to see the pre-season friendly against Buxton. Sadly, the game was at Buxton. Doh!

Thinking quickly, we headed a few miles up the road to Mossley, where the Lilywhites were meant to be playing Stockport County. Except they weren't, it was Flixton from the Vodkat League. Pre-season, eh?

There's a match report and video of the game here, which sums it all up from a Mossley fan's perspective: should have won about 8-0, but wasn't, it was 2-1. Fair play to Flixton, they had a go. The report seems a bit depressed, poor crowd, poor game, bad weather. I suppose watching non-league football over a long period becomes a real struggle of faith and will.

Indeed, there are tales of Mossley's financial plight here and here.

Honestly, the lads loved it. And I did. We loved being close to the pitch, hearing the banter, hearing the ref, seeing the balls getting kicked out of the ground (seven) and they appreciated the quality of the football. Seriously. Mossley's right midfielder had good feet, but couldn't score. Danny Dignan, the scorer, was lively. Flixton defended stoutly.

I've spoilt my children by taking them to see Premier League football and to allowing them to sample executive boxes and sponsors lounges. It's time they got some perspective on the whole family of football. We'll be doing more of this. Hyde, Stalybridge, Curzon Ashton, Woodley and Altrincham beckon. And Mossley again.

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Steve Bennett said...

Sounds like a great day out - perhaps you should also include Notts County; the oldest and surely the most confused Football Club in the world?!