Sunday, July 26, 2009

A few choice links at the wet end of July.

Here are a few choice links at the wet end of July, with some broad hints at things I should take to read and listen to on my hols in August. Any other suggestions gracefully received.

Real journalism's David Conn turns his attention to Liverpool and their American owners.

And some thoughtful posts on The Word site, sparked by the moral quandry of a Manchester City supporter. Been there, done that, bought the replica shirt in 1994.

They tried to make me go to Sangin, no, no, no. Great review of the book I'm enjoying reading - Junior Officer's Reading Club by Patrick Hennessey.

I must get round to reading Nudge - behaviour, human and otherwise and how to influence it. Also, a clever Manchester group to bob along to. And another group of thinkers here.

Italian dreams - Barga is an amazing place in the northern and hilly part of Tuscany. It's got very strong Scottish links - Paulo Nutini's Dad was born there, for instance. And the annual fish and chip festival is in full swing at the football ground in the town. From tonight. And it's 28 degrees and sunny.

New local paper for Stockport. Mmmmm?

The new deli in Marple, All Things Nice, is bloody brilliant. But the website isn't working yet.

Scroll down from here to see the Clarks Weaver - quite fancy a pair of these.

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