Friday, July 10, 2009

Elbow and the Halle - magic

If you want to read a proper review of Elbow playing the Bridgewater Hall with the Halle last night, then this review from the Independent fits the bill.

And me? It was a special day. A special occasion. Most live music loses something in the delivery of the polished, produced, recorded performance, but then makes up for it in the thrill of being there, and the atmosphere of a collective experience.

Last night the Halle improved, enhanced, illuminated and made Elbow sound even more beautiful.

And there was also the added thrill of being there and enjoying an atmosphere in this special city. As one person said - no other city could ever have brought together something as comparably wonderful.

Walking towards Castlefield afterwards the air was alive with love.

Thanks to the BBC, there's this too. A glimpse, but you really had to be there. We were.

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