Monday, July 13, 2009

Bookmarks for mid July

Me and my old pal Steve Connor are off to see The Durutti Column on Wednesday at the Manchester International Festival. It's a Paean to Wilson, and there's a link to their site here, and a lovely piece about drummer Bruce Mitchell here.

Don't get scammed. Read this.

Author of Kill Your Friends - John Niven, on Michael Jackson.

Frank McKenna on Michael Jackson, Michael Owen and Michael Shields. Sensible on all three counts.

Here's a sensible and pragmatic body of thought about how best to rebuild community politics and to oppose the BNP. And here are a series of profiles on some of the female supporters of the master race party (Babes of the BNP).

Real Journalism's David Conn covers the latest twists at Leeds United. Superb, but check out the messages, so many have been removed.

To become an extremist hang around with people who agree with you
. From The Spectator, interview with bloke who wrote Nudge.

Great piece on Manchester International Festival from Prospect magazine.

Christopher Hitchens on Gordon Brown
, from Vanity Fair.

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