Friday, January 23, 2009

What recession?

I've been in Jersey today. Still am actually, bored at the airport. Here are ten observations based on a very quick visit. Giving nothing away as to why I was there, because this blog is not about work.

I have never been in a plane that has landed on one wheel before. Bumpy landing doesn't explain the half of it. I was very relieved when I stepped out to feel the strong winds; at least it wasn't a dodgy plane or a drunk pilot.

Jersey Rugby Club and First Tower Football Club have very neat and smart facilities built and financed by Jack Walker.

The main shopping streets are the same as the UK, except for the lack of "everything must go", "beat the crunch" and "closing down" posters. It appears totally untouched by the recession. There was a Woolworths that closed down, but the whole place felt snug and comfortable.

Private banking for people who have made a fortune is clearly still thriving. Private family trust offices and obscure sounding brass plates give that away.

Had lunch in La Campannina restaurant, the fish was fresh and tasty. We were lucky to get a table, as it's quite the destination, but it's not what you know here, clearly. The place was full of eccentric well fed characters.

Curtis Warren is still in jail on Jersey. The papers aren't allowed to report the hearings and the appeals or the charges, but it's been nearly a year now.

The fudge is nice.

The airport is quiet.

I'm bored.

Er, that's about it.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Jersey, the Jewel of the Sea and my hometown! i have had some of the worst flights of my life landing at that airport. and lord is it dull, you're right. I always find a perusal of the Jersey cow merchandise helps to pass some time. granted, about 60 seconds, but still...