Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Quiz - take the test?

We gave the kids a quiz on New Year's Eve. If you think you can beat their score, then let me know quietly. A great team effort yielded a "gold medal" score!

1 Who does Mr Krupp turn into when he hears fingers snap?
2 Who is Tintin's friend who is a professor?
3 What's the newspaper called in Club Penguin and what day does it come out?
4 What colour puffles are fussy eaters?
5 How many hours does it take to set up the Scalectrix track?
6 What is K in the referee's alphabet?
7 Who's the woman who sings Valerie, and which is the band who did it originally?
8 What's Horrid Henry's club called?
9 Who is Number 6 in Thomas?
10 How did Henry punish the naughty boys who threw stones at him?
11 Who is the new President of the USA?
12 Who is the secretary of Marple Athletic and for a bonus, who are his sons?
13 What is the name of the town in Italy where nice Scottish people sell ice cream
14 Who is the actor who currently plays Doctor Who?
15 Where was our house at Center Parcs?
16 Who is the manager of West Brom?
17 Who was crowned King of the Jungle in 2008?
18 Which three blokes present Top Gear?
19 What's the best pie in Marple as judged at the Food festival?
20 What was Terry Christian's verdict on Dad's Y Factor effort?
21 Who is the Deacon and who is the priest at Holy Spirit?
22 Who's garden are you not to go in to get wayward footballs?
23 What does snow taste like in Gatlantis?
24 What seaside town did we go to for a football tournament?
25 What do they sell on the shops there?
26 Who has the highest points in Match Attax cards 2008?
27 Who are the kids in Mary Poppins?
28 Which city hosted the Olympics in 2008?

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours MT....Keep on bloggin'. Perhaps we could get together at some point.