Monday, January 26, 2009

Half The World Away

I've never cut a track in a recording studio. Probably never will again. But I did on Saturday. It was a fabulous experience. Nigel Hughes (Ear I Am) bid for a session at Futureworks at a charity do we went to last year. We wanted to perform the Oasis track Half The World Away, possibly best known as the theme tune to The Royle Family.

I feel we all had a role to play. Nigel was an inspirational bundle of energy. Keen to try new things, eager to stretch us all creatively and ever so slightly bonkers. In deference to the track of choice, let's call him "Noel".

Nigel also (wisely) invited his old pal Des McDonough. He can play, he steadfastly refused to sing. He absolutely nailed the musical arrangements, improvised on the ambient percussion track. He carried the whole thing through. Let's call him "The Edge".

And me. I can't play. I turned up late. I can't sing, but I had a go. I look alright in the photos. As it's his birthday today, then think of me as the "Andrew Ridgeley" of the trio.

There's a link to the pics of us on Flickr here.

There will be an audio file of the recording shortly.

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