Thursday, January 22, 2009

The slumdog billionaires

I really don't know where to start with Man City. I can't work up any righteous indignation about the obscenity of it. Well, I can't can I? Jack Walker decided to splurge a similar proportion of his kid's inheritance on Rovers, and I enjoyed the ride.

But this is interesting from the Telegraph: "A week of buffoonery unparalleled in the history of football." Then read the comments below, a rising tide of anger and frustration. If City really do want to break the establishment, then their supporters are going to have to grow thicker skins than this.

And this is good in the Guardian. "And he [chairman Garry Cook] really did suggest Milan lacked dignity. This would be disingenuous were it being spouted by Ron Manager. Coming from a man whose public credo has hitherto been bowdlerised Nietzsche, it begins to look like a demented form of self-parody."

Then there's this from Ricky Hatton.

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George Dearsley said...

Can't believe Gary Cook said publicly that AC Milan "bottled" the Kaka deal. No class. No style. A case of too many Cooks...i.e. one being more than enough.