Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And we're off... but remember, it's about you

Labour have made a good start to the election campaign - but the relentless negative attacks by the Tories and Liberals will surely backfire. Ed Miliband did really well on Thursday night, despite Kay Burley's efforts and some grandstanding from Jeremy Paxman. The Tories are rattled and look shifty as they refuse to detail their savage welfare cuts.

I'm happy to report we've been getting a good response locally too. I'm aware of the avalanche of Tory and Liberal leaflets across the Hazel Grove constituency, but it's all pretty desperate stuff. Hopefully Marple Leaf readers and friends can help us distribute our Labour leaflets and newsletters over the next week.

Labour's soon-to-be environment and climate change minister Jonathan Reynolds joined me in Marple on Friday for a round table on climate change and we visited businesses and spoke to people on Market Street like Rick from All Things Nice.
It was wet and cold in Marple on Saturday, windy in Romiley, but the sun came out for us in Woodley by midday. We had some good conversations everywhere, and our council candidates continue to campaign on local case work for those who've been taken for granted by the Liberal Democrats.
WE CAN WIN HERE. The very fact that the Liberals are campaigning on OUR policies AGAINST their own record in a Tory government proves how unpopular they really are. 

When I was selected I promised some good friends three key pledges.
1. I won't turn into a robot
2. I'm going to enjoy it, and 
3. I want to play it straight. 
I'm clear about what I believe in. I'm clear about who I am, where I've lived and how I've made my living. I'm also clear that if you vote for me you get Labour.

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