Friday, April 26, 2013

Rovers - staying up, for now. But we are bust

Raped by agents, led by idiots, owned by people who have been taken for fools, but who are too arrogant and proud to admit when they are wrong. Today is the false dawn. Staying up in the Championship offers no new turning point, just catastrophe delayed.

I can't make the numbers stack up for Blackburn Rovers, I really can't. If the wages to turnover ratio was nudging 90 per cent in the Premiership, then it must be 130 per cent now. Big signings on decent money. And long contracts too. There is a funding requirement way over what the depleted income streams can match. It is bust. But it is worse than that, it is beyond rescue. It is unsellable.

This summer there will be a fire sale of Rhodes, Olsson, Hanley. Others will be allowed to drift off, like Dunny and Robinson. The big earners, the Portuguese, Murphy, Etuhu, Best and Kazim-Richards will be will sit it out and pick their cheques up. The football liabilities and obligations to football creditors (players) required to remain a football club are simply too big to carry on.

Venky's London PLC, and whoever owns that, will just turn the tap off. It's coming folks. It is as well we are prepared to hold it together as fans, but we may have to fall very far before we rise again.

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Martin said...

Mick, I said it before we were relegated from Premier League that we would go down, prob go down again and end up with club in administration. I so desperately want to be wrong, but your comments endorse my own gut feeling. This one will run and run.