Monday, May 09, 2011

In search of the truth

Talking to our lads has started to get interesting. They want to know about all kinds of things: racism, atheism, irony and justice. Their questions about mundane matters include an angle on homelessness and there is the beginning of a small interest in politics. This is, I imagine, a window of brightness before they become what Justin Moorhouse described as "a yawn with a hood".

Anyway, for posterity, and as a way of looking at the world through a different prism, here are a few recent articles I thought I'd share with them and also with you.

One is about Somali pirates by Johann Hari in The Independent, recently added to his podcast after all this time.

The other is about 9/11 conspiracy theores, by Christopher Hitchens in The Slate.

And on a lighter note, there's a compilation of hoaxes from Sabotage Times.

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