Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caught up in this big rhythm

I've blogged before on the art of a good cover version. There seems now to be a habit of artists who haven't done much for a long time to come back with a cover of a cultish and cool track. I suppose you could classify George Michael's cover of New Order's majestic True Faith in that bracket.

But what's going on with Andrea Corr's new album of covers? For a pretty woman with a coquettish and easy vocal style her appeal was never her range and power. Strange then that she's included State of Independence - a Jon & Vangelis power ballad, and this particular crime against music - her version of one of my favourite songs ever - Tinseltown in The Rain by Blue Nile. I can't add anything to what Holy Moly had to say.

"The original just had too much majestic, wasted beauty and doomed optimism about it. It lacked perkiness, and the sparse arrangement needed filling in with a generic 90s studio pop sound. And Paul Buchanan’s vocal delivery simply wasn’t sappy enough, with far too much soul and raw, abandoned emotion. And what are those lyrics about? We haven’t a clue so it’d be best if they were sung without any sense of understanding or connection. Essentially, what we’d like to hear is Tinseltown In The Rain given the same hit-making treatment The Corr’s gave to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. It can’t fail."

Anyway, do you know what I think? She's married to the son of irish billionaire Dermot Desmond. She can do what she wants and just couldn't care less.

But anyway, all this talking, this talking, is only bravado.

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