Sunday, January 02, 2011

Our New Year Quiz

This is our New Year's Eve Quiz, our kids got them all between them

Marple and local
Which two Marple shops are having a store war?
Who is the boss of the Red Lion in High Lane?
All Things Nice is the deli on corner but what the name of the new Deli in Marple with its name on the gable end?
What is the name of the new Bishop?
What did the Middlewood Way used to be?
What’s the number of the bus to Harrytown?
Who's this?

TV and music and stuff
Which programme does Richard Hammond NOT present – Top Gear, Hole in the Wall, and Total Wipeout?
What country do the Pogues sing about more than any other?
What channel are Dick and Dom on?
How many tanks does Concord have?
Who tells Preposterous Tales?
Who’s the highest scoring player for Lancashire on PES 2011?
Name the four humans in Scooby Doo?
Who sings the end song in Finding Nemo?
What’s the surname of the blogging man called Biff?
In Simpsons, what is Apu’s nationality?
What is Springfield’s rival town called?
What does the j stand for in Homer J Simpson?

Who is the manager of Bolton and which team did he used to manage?
Who are Spurs playing in the next round of the Champions League?
Where will the next World Cup be held?
What was Rovers' biggest defeat of 2010?

Who’s oldest, Theo, or Aidan?
What’s Danielle’s baby called?
What breed is Martha?
Who are Theo’s godparents?
What are my two favourite countries for food?

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