Thursday, January 06, 2011

Links to things to make you think

Great piece in Vanity Fair about Julian Assange and the Guardian. And this, from the Wall Street Journal, about Zimbabwe, statecraft and Wikileaks.

Christopher Hitchens on Tony Blair, also from VF.

A load of really interesting political and philosophical books I won't get round to reading this year. (via Respublica).

Chris Woebken. Cool stuff.

How dope smokers with the munchies at 2AM almost destroyed the number three wholesale grocery distributor in Australia. Bronte Capital, a blog I've found.

Political debate and media coverage doesn't know the difference between the deficit and debt. As John Redwood says here.

Martin Bright on the Enterprise Allowance Scheme and whether it goes far enough.

Proper Mag. Go and buy it. Ace.

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