Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spooks is back, Spooks is ace

We really enjoyed the new series of Spooks this week. Sir Harry Pearce, as ever, was the star of the show. His wise counsel, his depths of self doubt, his love for Ruth and his razor sharp judgement completely overshadowed some real shortcomings.

Let's deal with these first. The new girl was wooden, the non-speaking extras made the tense scenes with the Somali terror cell seem calm. The tight shots on the tanker seemed to highlight the constraints of the budget - they never even pretended they were at sea. And the rubbish CGI of the submarines going up the Thames were far inferior to what my 8 year old can create on his Nintendo DS.

But it's still ace. So much action. Contemporary politics, undercurrents of mystery, and how can you fault a programme with a line like this. Asked if an interruption to the internet in the South of England was a price worth paying for interrupting the terrorists Sir Harry said this: "So the country will have to struggle on without pornography and Minesweeper for a couple of hours. Do it."

Or this:

"This is my ‘I want some good news’ face."

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