Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Indian Michael Knighton stalks Rovers

I just don't feel good about the proposed takeover of Blackburn Rovers by Ahsan Ali Syed.

I make the comparison with Michael Knighton here.

And we cast a sceptical eye during the Blackburn Rovers unofficial podcast here.

Tonight's BBC Radio Five Live Investigates has done a good job of picking through the evidence. I'm sure Rovers fans will be listening in a state of anger and confusion.

Here's what concerns me now: not that there is truth in the allegations and that the deal can't go through. I don't like the cut of his gib so far; it's all wrong. My instincts tell me this is doomed. But if he's successful and loaded, I still don't see a good outcome. If he's successful and isn't as wealthy as he makes out, then the humiliation will be complete.


Vinjay said...

Still a couple of hours until the 9pm show as I write this (I suggest you at least experiment with allowing posts to show immediately as you may get more responses) but its certainly not something I'm looking forward to hearing.

The questions have to be aimed at Rothschild and especially our "wonderful" owners.

If the Syed accusations are true (and it seems the BBC have investigated in more depth than we thought) then why have they allowed the process to get this far? After all we have been told so many times that they would never let the club fall into the wrong hands. Of course in 2000 we were never told that the club would be starved of any decent funding...

Not everybody is condemning Syed yet (some people are still very supportive of him) but these types of reports (certainly the accusations detailed by BBC this morning) can not be ignored. Even by somebody who wants a takeover as much as I do.

There are other bidders of course rumoured to be even richer than Syed who could provide Man City levels of backing. People on the BRFCS site have had hints of who it might be and have passed it on to Alan Nixon. I'm sure he will come up with a name soon enough.

I was very certain of a deal going through at one stage. Now it is a very real fear for me that the Walkers may still be here in January. If anything having owners as bad as the Walkers has made me mentally stronger.

Liberation Day will arrive no doubt. Just that the odds of it happening this year have reduced.

Michael Taylor said...

Well I'm not going to do that and I'm not a comment whore to be honest.

Always had my doubts about this bloke. I think the world of football attracts Walter Mitty characters.

Savio Mathias said...

I am absolutely flaberghasted by some of the comments on here you had judged,sentenced & executed before you have even heard any word of a reply from the man himself are you not suspicious no other newspaper has got wind of this?. Also have you failed to notice like the previous Shah bloke there are hundreds of Saurin Shah's across the world how can anyone be sure it is the same Ali Syed even thephoto's online are highly dubious the gas bill does not even look like it is addressed to Syed!. Vinjay you say the blame has to lie with Rothschild/owners how do you know they have not done their homework on Mr Syed?. You also say the BBC rumours can't be ignored yes they can quite easily how come no other local or National rag has not picked up on these problems?.How come the BBC article & the stories that have come out this morning have not been backed-up with hard evidence to suggest he is dodgy & if it was the same Syed chap do you not think there would have been a photo of him on the article & on that radio programme tonight it did not tell us any new revelations that were not already in the public domain. So my advice would be take a chill & don't start judging him until the chap has had a chance to respond to these accusations then make a decision & remember to keep an open mind until it is proved it is the same Ali Syed chap.

Rant Over!.

Michael Taylor said...

Thank you for bringing that unique style of mature debate so redolent of BRFCS and The Lancashire Telegraph messageboards.