Friday, September 25, 2009

Y Factor 2009 - a great success

I was involved in the Y Factor last night, where Manchester professionals perform in front of a band to great acclaim and with the purpose of raising money for Mencap, a charity that helps people with learning difficulties.

Here are some pictures of me with Justin Moorhouse, one of the judges, and Charlotte Porter from Mencap; and one of me with Jennifer John, a vocal coach and one of our judges on the night. In the middle is a cardboard cutout of Terry Christian, last year's man, who had to let us down the day before and so wasn't there.

There's a link here to coverage on my work website, which will tell you that the girl band from Cobbetts solicitors won.

I've included these pictures here, on my site, because a certain website has airbrushed all mention of my involvement in the event and used all pictures of the event, except these two, because I'm on them. Nice eh?

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