Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Turning Japanese

Someone is trying to post a comment on one of my blog posts about Rugby League. In Japanese.

It says: 度チェッカーで隠された性癖をチェック!外見では分からない男女のSM指数をチェックして相性のいい相手を見つけ、SMプレイしてみよう!合コンや飲み会で盛り上がること間違いなしのおもしろツールをみんなとやってみよう

Which, thanks to Babel Fish, translates as: "Checking the natural disposition which is hidden with the degree of SM checker! With appearance checking the SM exponent of the man and woman who does not understand, you will find the partner whose affinity is good, SM will try playing! Combination [kon] and rising in the drinking meeting you are not wrong everyone it will try doing the tool funny".

My reply is this: ほとんどの感謝を表するスパムの発信者は出ていく

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