Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Some early September bookmarks from my blogroll

Sometimes I feel like a genuine schizophrenic. I have these different interests, these different friends, these different corners of the internet where I find occasional stimulation (not that kind). Here are some links and bookmarks, pretty much based on the constants that I link from and include on the blogroll.

David Hepworth, publisher of the The Word (a magazine, a website, a podcast, a way of life), has a blog where he talks about the kinds of things he doesn't talk about at The Word. Here he is at his observant best talking about professional accents.

Another man with an astonishingly wide hinterland is Kevin Roberts, Lancaster-born advertising guru, rugby nut and a real inspiration. He's also just been back to blighty to see Manchester City and to visit one of his four homes - Auckland, New York, St Tropez, Grasmere. What a life.

Another City fan currently squinting at the glare from another false dawn is Laura Wolfe, who has been at this blogging lark for two years (on and off, eh Laura) but her family insights and world view are always refreshingly honest.

As is the scarily clever Norman Geras. He is very good this week on why the BBC has to invite the BNP onto Question Time, but also on why the Labour Party has to stand up to them. He's right. These people are numpties, they have been allowed to go unchallenged in places the Labour Party have stopped going.

It's the kind of debate one can get more of on Harry's Place, a politics website, where most posts tend to harrass the hypocritical left. But there's so much more, such as this great piece on The Housemartins.

If you like the link at the end to Paul Heaton's Mille Miglia and even vaguely know what I'm on about, then this quite brilliant website, CasCo, will be of interest to you. It has some of the best presentation I've seen on a website, and is a fantastic nostalgia trip into music, film, football and fashion. And all from an SK postcode too.

Nigel Hughes at Ear I Am once landed an interview with Paul Heaton, back in the day. Nige has also just lent me a superb book, 45 by Bill Drummond. Must return it. Nigel's blog is great. Always full of insights and surprises. There's a terrfic account here of his trip to Penrith FC for a tour.

If you want more obsessive traipsing around obscure football grounds, try 100 Football Grounds, latest entry includes tales of a recent trip to Rochdale. Sounds like a mad day.

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Anonymous said...

Am indeed squinting, but am hopeful that this time the dawn is not a false one! We shall see...

Thanks for the inclusion in such an esteemed list.

(And I've been more on than off I think you'll find Mr Taylor!)