Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another rant from me about TIF

Is here.

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Unknown said...

Originally, I was a floating voter when I thought about the charge. On one hand, I agree with the principle of charging for the "inconvenience" one generates for the wider Manchester community. However, as far as I can soo, the proposal is utterly useless for where we live. It's rather a parochial attitude, but the charge won't benefit Marple, or even Stockport at all.

Let's face it, in Marple there are essentially two routes out into Manchester by car; either Dan Bank or Compstall. You can forget Windlehurst as all it does is drop you onto the carnage that is the A6at rush hour. Whenever there is ANY problem on the railways, Rose Hill then Marple are *always* first to be affected. They're not on the list of upgrades which the charge will supposedly benefit. We have one of the worst traffic problems of any area of Greater Manchester and there's nothing for us. It's a selfish attitude, but what's in it for me and Marple?

I am sure that it's because Marple is an affluent middle-class area, and it can just be ignored. The commuting residents take that mild-mannered stoical attitude and just bear with it. However, I really hope that we get a "no" vote, which is what I have done. When they investigate why I hope they understand what they need to do next time to get a yes.

I say "next time" because if they get a "no" vote, in five years it'll be around again, this time with something for the whole of Manchester, not just parts.