Sunday, October 26, 2014

Running the line at the Brabynabau - Marple Ath v Rose Hill Rovers

It was the Young Firm clash today, the SK6 Classico, Marple Athletic v Rose Hill Rovers at Brabyns Park. A gorgeous autumn morning for the two local Under 16 sides to play each other in front of a crowd of over 50 assorted mates, parents and grandparents. 

It was a cracking game too. It ended 2-2 and all four goals were belters.

Fair result? I'd say so. But given the injuries Marple were carrying (including to the regular keeper), the return fixture (also at Brabyns in February) will be another shot at local bragging rights.

As linesman I didn't have any tough calls to make, but I will say this as diplomatically as I can - I wouldn't fancy stepping to being a referee any time soon.

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raving adman said...

You did a fine job in a potential tinderbox of a match...