Saturday, August 09, 2014

Protestors on King Street - idiots, all of them

A pal of mine has had two conversations with the protestors on King Street outside the Kedem cosmetics store.

The first, with the Palestinian lot, was along the lines of do you support Hamas? The initial response was 'yes, of course'. The next question was "have you read what Amnesty International have to say about Hamas?" was met with a blank look, a wiser counsel then intervened, but the point was made. This is knee-jerk unthinking idiocy.

Then there are the protestors against the protestors, who handed out a leaflet claiming the shop is owned by people in England paying English taxes to the English government. No they don't. There's no such thing as an English government, my friend said. "I thought Scotland was a separate country," the protestor replied. Where do you start?

I've blogged about my disapproval of this on the Downtown blog, but I support what top cop Peter Fahy has to say this week - time to think again as it's achieving nothing and causing further problems.

But if this is the level of sophistication, debate, protest and the kind of ignorance we are dealing with then they should all be prevented from protesting on the grounds of stupidity alone. Or maybe we should protest against this protest in order to defend the union. Down that road madness lies, but I rather think we're some way down there already.

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