Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Marple Lockdown

Every night from 7pm Marple is effectively closed to the outside world. The authorities have imposed a curfew on our community and have blockaded the one road in and out. There are rumours of emergency vehicles on stand-by. Flashing lights and strange signs have appeared. There are concerns that the government is engaged in an experiment in mind control, to manipulate the patience of a whole town in readiness for the imposition of a police state.

Obviously this is just me being fanciful. The only true statement in the above paragraph is that the main road, Dan Bank, is closed at night for a while. The council have set up an exceptionally good public information service and website.

There's also a terrific blog, here, about the tunnels under Marple and the existence of a bunker. Here are the tunnels on a map. Fascinating stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Today I tried to find the bunker and tunnels without success. I fear the recent works on Dan Bank have covered over the bunker. I tried to find the Marple Hall and Roman Lakes end of the tunnels without success either. I was really interested when I read this blog and its a shame they seem to have been lost.....for now.