Saturday, October 30, 2010

That's why they're champions

There really will be very little to stop Chelsea this season. Blackburn Rovers out played them and harried them for the first half, but lost a lead. In a more even second half, a winner looked more likely from Rovers than the champions. But they have Anelka, Drogba and any number of sharp eyed attack minded midfield players. Rovers had Jason Roberts. I've said before that several passages of Rovers match reports can be written before the game - Grella limps off injured, Pedersen ineffective, Robinson brilliant, Roberts misses one-on-one with keeper and blasts wide.

My eldest lad plays at left back and we both kept a close eye on Ashley Cole today. He was incredible. When Chelsea attack he plays very far forward; more an out and out winger than an overlapping left back. The other player for them that stood out was Mikel. Nothing fancy, nothing fussy, but he passes so well.


Steve Hoyles said...

I agree with the Cole observation - attacking fullbacks allow a team to throw two extra men forward, which is invaluable in the opposition half.

Interestingly, Chelsea have a strong physcial presence too, meaning games such as Rovers, Bolton, Wolves and Stoke away won't scare them, whereas physically weaker sides such as Arsenal tend to drop points there.

At least Chelsea winning the league will prevent United from doing so!

Vinjay said...

"At least Chelsea winning the league will prevent United from doing so!"

Hear hear.

What do you think about the takeover then? Seems a certainty for Venkys now especially with Syed finally withdrawing his interest today.

Michael Taylor said...

Vinjay, can't agree with that comment about United not winning the league. But we know about your views on the Trafford Red Sox.

The takeover? I feel a bit sad and empty about it. Rovers are a Lancashire club, "a small town in Europe" and have achieved great things. You and I will differ on this, but I would rather we were owned by proper Rovers fans. I wish the Walker Trust had done as I think Jack would have wanted and supported the club more in the last decade.

And I just don't trust any of these new buyers at all.

Savio Mathias said...

Michael, As you know from time to time I have criticised Vinjay about his views but on the takeover he is right. Yes it is sad we are coming to the end of an era & yes I would have loved for the Trust to have supported the club better and I like every other fan would want our beloved club owned by Rovers fans but unless someone can design a time machine so we can go back in time and bring Jack back that will never happen again we have to be realistic. Yes we have achieved many good things but that has been mainly down to luck and good management without either we would have been finished long time ago. You also state you don't trust any of these bidders that is your opinion of course but for the Trust to have approved them they would have had to prove beyond any doubt they have the funds and the contract would also bind them into an agreement to fund the club in the short and long term. Also on the subject of trust do you honestly think Jack would have liked to have seen what is happening today no finances bottom 3 of the premiership in danger of drifting into oblivion without a prayer sometimes in life Risks need to be taken because the model of how this club is run can't go on forever even Dave Whelan has said as much in recent days. Also another big point a former prem. Lge. team Boro relegated to the Championship for their last tv match with QPR I think the riverside was half empty the crowd booed the players off because they went one down & it was a real culture shock for their supporters would you like to see this once great club go down that route dwindling crowds players booed off just for going one down because at this moment in time being in the bottom 3 realistically it could happen and the day that happens it is the beginning of the end so however you look at it is vital this happens and it seems the club are confident too so really we should back their judgement after all they are paid to make these important decisions.