Saturday, September 12, 2020

Music Therapy on Tameside Radio

On Sunday nights from 9pm until 11pm me and my mate Neil Summers are going to be playing a few records and telling stories on a new show, Music Therapy on Tameside Radio 103.6 FM. It's a breezy mix of the new and the familiar, designed to end the weekend on a blissed out way. I think of Neil as my far more clued up younger brother, nudging me to appreciate richer, deeper and more exciting music. There's no such thing as a guilty pleasure in our book, just an open mind and a love of great music.

You can listen to us live here. We'll probably get round to setting up a website with mini features, extended interviews and playlists. Possibly.

Massive thanks to Chris Bird and Andy Hoyle at Quest Media for giving us the chance. 


Jeanette Howlett said...
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Jeanette Howlett said...


I listened to your show last night on my phone towards the end of my very long train journey from Brighton back to Manchester. It was my first journey on public transport since March and I hadn't been looking forward to it! Your show was so lovely to hear, just when I needed it.

I do hospital radio (when pandemics allow it!) with Mike Wallbank and Alan Ovington, and am a bit of a music 'anorak'! It is so rare to hear interesting music I love (and may not know) on radio, especially presented so well. It was a really good listen.

My husband has a small selective music collection (mine continues to grow wildly!). One of his favourite singles is 'Driving Away From Home' by Immaterial. I'd never heard the version you played and thought it was wonderful! I'd also never heard Denise J's 10cc cover, which was sublime and a really lovely tribute.

Your show was the loveliest surprise. I'll be listening again.

Thanks so much!

Michael Taylor said...

What a lovely message to get after our first programme. We hope you continue to enjoy Music Therapy

Jeanette Howlett said...

Credit where credit's due! It was like I'd made a wish and you were my genie who'd granted it!

BTW, I sent a 2nd message because I wasn't convinced I'd sent the first one! When both appeared, I deleted the lesser! :)

Jeanette Howlett said...

Hi again!

I've been listening each week. Sometimes it's so relaxing and therapeutic, I fall asleep! Listening in bed may not be such a good idea!

I just wanted to say thank you for playing Trees recently and O Susannah this evening. I listen to a lot of psych folk and discovered Trees in the '80s! Around early to mid 'noughties' we saw O Susannah at some lovely little gigs in and around Manchester thanks to 'Art Vs Industry' and Nick Georgiou who used to run Pop Art Records in Withington, where I spent many happy hours - and a fair old amount of cash! I have her 2003 album on CD and still play it often. Her cover of Dylan's "I'll keep it with mine' is rather gorgeous I think.

I tell many yours is my favourite radio show currently! Thanks, and I look forward to more. :)

Michael Taylor said...

Great to hear from you Jeanette. Hope you continue to enjoy the show!