Wednesday, June 26, 2013

School's out - the idiocy of the teachers' strike

Tomorrow schools in the North West will be closed because of a strike by teaching unions. Without even breaching the reasons behind this, the whole fiasco is totally avoidable. The very threat of a strike, irrespective of whether individual teachers choose to withdraw their labour for the day, means schools will have to close. Schools can't ask who is going to strike and who isn't. Schools can't open with a provisional staff. And yet the very risk that kids will be left unsupervised will mean parents have to take a day off work and kids will miss lessons.

The barmy thing is that all the teachers could turn up to work and still get paid, but have no lessons to teach. But the school won't know in time to make the decision on whether to close or not. As I said, stupid.

As for the reasons why they're striking, I don't agree with that either. That's my personal view, of course, not that of the governing body I sit on. Reform has to come in teaching. Reform has to come to public sector pensions.

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Will Stone said...

Union members at my daughter's school have decided that the grounds for the strike are not in the interest of the school or children. They will be fully open tomorrow.

They will support an autumn campaign of action.

Am glad schools can collectively decide to remain open and have dialogue with the managing body and parents.

If Union members feel this strike wont impact Gove and the Government then the Union should be questioned on the validity of the ballot.