Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Made up Manchester

Very amusing contributions to the concept of a made up Manchester facts on Twitter today. Here are my favourite 10. One is mine, I am allowed to laugh at my own jokes on here.

Magic buses are so-called as they are run on ecstacy tablets confiscated from the Hacienda in the 90s

Manchester was created by the men of Chester after being driven out by the womenfolk in the feminism riots of 1682

The M60 was built by the Romans as a defence wall around Mancunia to protect from marauding Celts.

Corbieres Wine Bar was originally owned by the Grand National winning racehorse of the same name.

New York Street in the city centre was in fact originally called New Amsterdam Street

From next January Princess Street will be renamed Howards Way

The Peak District, Lake District and Penines are man made and were built by the people of Manchester to maximise rainfall

The king of the ancient kingdom of Mancunia was Affleck. His palace is where Affleck's now sits

Spinningfields, Spinning Buildings and Spinning Bedroom Ceilling are all in the Drunk Quarter

The Manchester Canals were built to export water from the city for re-sale as it has a surplus supply

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