Sunday, December 12, 2010

The local community of blog

I do like the spirit of sharing and support amongst those who blog. Having been "at it" since 2006 I know it takes a lot of effort, but I personally find the messages, comments and reaction very rewarding. Here in the Marple area there are a few recent developments I'd like to draw your attention to.

First, the good news, there's a lively new blog from up the hill in Mellor - called Mellorview by Moor End Man - we've corresponded, but I'm assuming he's keeping his name to himself for now. Anyway, it's got some gorgeous photos of the recent snowy landscapes and some wise observations on recent news events.

Secondly, I've previously linked to Michael Walters' website about his own books, but have updated the link directly to his book review blog, which is rather excellent. And we really must take in a Half Man Half Biscuit gig in the New Year!

Third, I'm reinstating George Dearsley's blog on the links opposite. He had lapsed, but I had lunch with the great man on Friday and urged him to keep at it. He's got such a lot to say!

Fourthly, and sadly, Tom Mandall's View From the Bridge, has stopped. I hope temporarily. I liked his Friday reports, whether they were from Africa, or Marple Bridge, or even Hyde. Think again Tom. Come back soon.

If I've missed anyone out, then the omission is entirely accidental. Please send me links.

PS I note too that the Friends of Rose Hill Station have a new site on the Marple site. Good work. Keep it up.


Michael Walters said...

Thanks for the link, Michael. Mainly books reviews, but also music and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy. Hoping to see HMHB in Holmfirth on Thursday, weather permitting.

Michael Taylor said...

Bizarrely I have opted instead to go paintballing with Joe and his football team. It's coming home...