Thursday, November 27, 2008

Idiots to avoid on the road

Nearly had a nasty accident today on the way to Warrington. I braked to stop at a pedestrian crossing and the car behind, a new Mini, was far too close and had to brake severely, skidding in the process and ended up at 45 degrees to my rear. The silly cow then followed me to Warrington at the same close distance that nearly resulted in whiplash for me and my passenger and a bashed rear for the MLCM. What is it with women who drive these new Minis? I saw another this week applying make up on the A57, and another texting away. They now the join the following as a "stereotypes to avoid when driving."

  • Royal Mail vans
  • Scaffolders
  • Skip transporters
  • Certain compact German cars driven by, er, certain types of lads from East Lancashire
  • Anyone in Longsight
  • Mini cabs with billowing fumes from the rear
  • Buses in Manchester city centre
  • Any car with a fish sticker on the back - why are born again Christians such dreadful drivers?

Anyone care to add any more?


Anonymous said...

Any driver wearing a hat - just too cautious!

Unknown said...

Vauxhall Corsa's, particularly those with Cherry Bomb exhausts.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in an Audi

Michael Taylor said...

Very good Peter.


I'd also say very small cars in Marple Co-op car park, usually driven by the elderly. Not idiots, that's not fair, but certainly ones to be cautious around.