Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once again...

It was difficult to know where to start with the Policy Exchange report on regeneration.

The Liverpool edition of our Insider Daily email had this to say today:

Among the avalanche of criticism heaped on the authors of the Policy Exchange’s Cities Unlimited report, Insider’s favourite comments came from Professor Michael Parkinson of the European Institute for Urban Affairs at Liverpool John Moores University. Parkinson dismissed the observations as “teenage scribblings”. Parkinson is currently compiling a report into the impact of the credit crunch on the UK regions, which will be unveiled at Insider’s UK Investment Forum in London in November.

As I said on here last night, it was a breathtakingly poor piece of work. But some of what they were saying wasn't that far from what the new urban orthodoxy is saying in Manchester and Liverpool: "Back winners, support the city centre and the rest can only prosper."

To be honest I then see the coverage in the Liverpool Echo - like this - and it's basically turned into bullying anyone who criticises Liverpool.

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