Monday, October 08, 2007

The Tao of Moulton

Jon Moulton, leading venture capitalist and generally sound bloke, if a little scary, is in the latest issue of Midlands Business Insider talking about a range of things.

Here are two very sensible observations.

On TV’s Dragon’s Den:

“It’s a dreadful programme.”

On investing:

The questions an investor needs to ask are: “How much money are you looking at? What business are you in? How many divorces have you had?”

Moulton says analysis of investments showed companies run by someone who had been divorced once are more successful than those run by happily married men.

However, people who are twice divorced are not to be relied on, while when he puts money into companies run by people who have been divorced three times, he has lost the lot.

“After one divorce you are hungry; two divorces – he must have a lot of spare time and doesn’t concentrate too much at work. Three divorces – he is not driven by his head, is he?”

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