Monday, October 01, 2007

Est Est Est - rubbish

I can't say I get excited about a visit to the Trafford Centre. Most of the shops just sell tat and as a social and cultural experience it's as shallow as they come. In the seven years that I've lived back up here I've never, ever, bumped into someone I know in there. Until Saturday, when a chap called Gary Tipper made the same choice as us to take his lad for tea: Est Est Est. I can't say with any confidence whether Gary had a good meal, but we didn't.

I chose Chicken on pasta carbonara. Tasteless and bland. The chicken wasn't so much char grilled as just burnt, then warmed up. Elliot and Matt had pizzas, which they ate, but they looked doughy and undercooked. Joe loves his steak and devoured his, but there was quite a lot of fat on it. Rachel had the same and was underwhelmed in the extreme.

One of the reasons we'll choose a trip to Dumplington over the city centre is that everything you need is close together. But these chain restaurants are starting to disappoint, We've had trips to Giraffe that have been pleasant, but it's just a burger and chips when all is said and done. We've been to a couple of other places there after the pictures, or whatever, and for what you get it's poor value, frankly.

There is one restaurant chain that the kids always love and I routinely enjoy: Pizza Express. and now there's one around the corner from work, hooray. There's a lot to be said for sticking to what you know.

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