Thursday, October 04, 2007

Radio Tameside

I love hearing from an old pal out of the blue. Yesterday I got an email from a character called Kenni James who's had his head down plotting his comeback in the big bad world of commercial radio.

The just of it was this:

I've just launched Tameside Radio and into our first week on air. It booms in across most of the North West and it’s going well. Have a listen.. 103.6 FM Tameside Radio.

Kenni's got a great grasp of music and targeting it for the right time of day. He also knows how to mix up a bit of modern and nostalgia. I tuned into the drivetime programme and liked it a lot. It also came across as very authentic and just right for the down to earth punters of Ashton and Hyde. It reminded me of the early days of The Bay in Lancaster, which Kenni also launched.

It's good to see more local stations popping up. Pure in Stockport and High Peak Radio in Glossop are both good fun stations.

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