Friday, October 05, 2007

Jumping for Joy

Blimey. The new Ian Curtis film gets the five star treatment from Peter Bradshaw in the paper today. Wonderful review, it certainly promises a lot.

A flavour is here:

It all looked so vividly real to my fortysomething eye that, frankly, I thought I'd died and gone to Q-magazine-reading 50-quid bloke heaven. And when John Cooper Clarke came on playing himself, a support act to Joy Division when they were called Warsaw, I pretty well levitated out of my seat with sheer happiness, and had to be tied back down with guy-ropes.

You can link to the full review here.

1 comment:

Rob Baker said...


I still miss weary, teared at the edges, run down, sardonic Manchester.

We might have the glitz now, but we lost something.

I want to see the film to be reminded