Monday, October 15, 2007

Flying high

Last night: there we were at Faro airport playing cards and drinking water. On the next table in the cafe area was Ryan Giggs and a bunch of mates – all regular looking fellahs who’d been golfing for a few days. And on the next table was Alan McInally and his wife also waiting near the gate to board the Monarch scheduled knee crusher to Manchester. Giggsy was getting lots of attention from excited teenagers and their Dads – photos, handshakes, knicker wetting and squealing. Even McInally was ribbed about Sky Sports News. Spare a thought then for Harry Kewell. Loading his wife and kids and entourage onto the tiny seats he barely attracted a sidewards glance. I hate to say this, but even our John Fowler was recognised, though one of Giggsy's mates thought he was Martin Bayfield.
So, here's the question: what's worse, living it? or losing it?

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