Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Food glorious food

I like cooking. I hadn't done much until me and Rachel started living together, but our division of labour sees me in an apron most weekends. It's helped by the fact that we have an Aga in our kitchen that is a joy to drive. It warms, slow cooks and has two hotplates.

I've had a couple of setbacks lately though.

You have to stir the porridge rigorously or else it sticks to the pan. Also, our dishwasher has been bust so the pan hadn't been properly rinsed away - and it's last square meal was cabbage.

The other was an absolutely ropey braising steak I made. Really rank. This is my Mum's signature dish, the meat flakes off in a rich gravy. Having come back for another go this weekend - with much better results - I have deduced one of three things - don't put the vegetables in with the meat when cooking in a slow oven; cover it all in a large pot or dish; use meat from a proper butchers. Supermarket meat is grim.

I'm desperate to get our brood to eat more veggies. They seem to go off them at will. Any tips gratefully recieved. Post on here, or email me here.


Michael Taylor said...

Gavin Burgham suggests:

If you desperate to get your kids to eat more veggies try stir frying them – most kids love Chinese style veggies and will even eat veggies they previously wouldn’t if cooked in the wok!

I shall try it.

Peter Allen said...

I have no experience of getting kids to eat veg, but I'd certainly try starting a vegetable patch at home so your kids can eat the vegetables they grow themselves. At the worst it'll get them out in the garden for a bit!