Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Barwick takes on the PAPs

The FA's determination to clamp down on referees has predictably focused attention on incidents such as John Terry squaring up to Mike Riley. The bigger problem, as Brian Barwick has identified, here, is the behaviour of amateur players and pushy parents.

God willing, we have been free of unpleasant incidents with other parents. But Marple Athletic has a clear policy of no swearing, no aggressive chanting, no drunk or drugs, applause for the opposition (within reason) and encouragement rather than chastisement.

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George Dearsley said...

Why is the initiative from the bottom up and not top down...? Amateur players of all ages ape the antics they see in pro football, from diving to foul and abusive language. I have asked pro refs why they tolerate it (the language) and have been told "the FA and the crowd wouldn't like to watch 7-a-side". So, personally, I think the Barwick initiative, though well intentioned, is likely to wither and die.
George Dearsley
Chairman, Mellor Football Club