Friday, October 26, 2007

Spooks - Is Zafir dead?

We said at the end of the last series of Spooks that it couldn't improve upon what has gone before. It has. Gripping stuff once again. The plot twists have been quite brilliant. But can they really have killed off Zafir? No spoiling from the cheats who catch up early on BBC3.

Thoughtful piece in Private Eye this issue, link here, about how sensitivity in the BBC will lead to a drop in Islamist baddies this series:

“Increasing nervousness about showing the world as it really is poses a big problem for Spooks, which is now in its sixth season of depicting MI5’s best – or, at least, best-looking – at work. For reasons of realism, spy supremo Harry Pearce and his boys are clearly going to have to be shown fighting the ‘war on terror’, but the official policy in the drama department is that the country is at more risk from dads denied access and gerbil-lovers angry about how lipstick gets made than from Osama bin Laden.”

Personally, I think the script writers are quite capable of moving the whole thing along without having to chop and change the episodes with different varieties of bad guy. I like the sparky French woman and the tough Indian agent. These are good new opponents. The loyal viewers, like us, will not swallow a major clear and present danger to the security of this country from, er, a weekend Dad dressed as Batman.

Don't let us down.

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