Monday, October 22, 2007

Phoney liberals and strange bedfellows

Good piece in the paper yesterday about the bizarre bedfellows of the Islamists and the revolutionary left. It starts with a strange tale of Che Guevara's family visiting a conference in Tehran.

A flavour is here:

There used to be a clear dividing line between conservatives and liberals. It defined the culture wars of the late 20th century, which pitted reactionary fuddy-duddies against tolerant, enlightened types, who believed in equal rights for women, minorities and gays. That fault line is becoming as dated as the flower power of the 1960s.

A link to it is here.

There's also a quiz to see how much of a phoney liberal are you?



I am a true progressive, it seems.

Michael Taylor said...

For the record, I also scored full marks.

Roger Cashman said...

Just scored 100 per cent. Obviously. Made me feel a lot better. They really are scum, aren't they? There's a much, much bigger war going on...