Monday, October 08, 2007

Random Friends United

I got my renewal email from Friends Reunited. In it there was a list of 20 people "randomly selected" from my area and my "places".

Random, my arse. It's a neat piece of tracking that's designed to get you to use the site more. It's tracked who I've checked out and reminded me, and clearly included people who've clicked on my profile. One of them keeps in touch via this blog. Hi Nick.

It also included someone who I was checking out for a story I was working on, my first ever friends, Rick Townson and Andy Worth, I often view their profiles to see if they've added details, people I was friends with and a smattering of others from my class at primary school.

It's included a few journalists who were at the University of Manchester when I was, which is clever, when you think about it. Including this bloke, here.

It also "randomly" includes Rachel Curran from Nelson, Lancashire. Who I only met four and a half years ago and am now married to.

This whole FU thing seems to have taken a back seat to the incredible momentum created by MySpace and Facebook, but I still like it. When it first started it was a refreshing nostalgia trip and a good antidote to the Lancaster Royal Grammar School old boys network. There, everyone was doing ever so well for themselves. You never heard from the punks, the quiet ones or the people who, like me, dropped out early.

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Daftnessabounds said...

must be Randon only if you subscribe, I've been reading your blog on and off for a while now. Which shop could your dad hear from can't have been Ingelbys or Noons as they were too far!!! Easterfield brings back memories. I do remember burying one of your action men in the foundations of your garage. My parents still live in the same house. I'd forgotten about Andrew Blacktop but not the flashing blade. Re your memories of treehouses and Dens at the top of chatsworth Corky still lives in that area and sadly Si Currie passed away last year. Nice to see someones got more kids than me.

Snowy ( the nickname never went away just the hair colour)