Sunday, May 11, 2008

Verdict - the fans have their say

Although I can't stand radio phone-ins I do like the fans comments in the Observer. The Rovers fan who contributes - Bill Boaden - seems like a nice bloke and I usually agree with him. Strangely, I can't find it online.

Copying the format, here's what I think.

How was your season? OK, a bit flat in places and lacked the highs of the last one. We dropped too many points at home to teams we were capable of burying.

Happy with the gaffer? Oh yes. he doesn't seem to rant at referees the way he used to and he did some great business in moving Savage along just as he was stirring things up a bit when he got dropped.

Who were the stars and who flopped? Santa Cruz has been absolutely amazing. Bentley can do things to turn a match, Friedel is the best keeper in the Prem. No-one flopped, but I was disappointed at McCarthy this season. he is class, but fell below his own standards and admitted he was tempted by Chelski.

Who were the best and worst away fans? I hate to admit that the devil has the best tunes, so Man United for noise, Everton for patience - we robbed them.

Top hate figure at another club?
Life's too short for hate.

Top five opposition players
Green (West Ham), Davis (Portsmouth), Lescott (Everton), Bullard (Fulham), Petrov (Citeh).

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