Friday, May 23, 2008

Revolution in Manchester restaurant scene, maybe?

There's a new bar in town - Ithaca - it's been two years in the making and is trying to introduce the private members bar concept to Manchester. ManCon is very fulsome in its praise, here, but warns about the risks of attracting gangsters.

I've also received an invitation to be a member, here.

One of the comments underneath made me laugh:

Ithaca and Michael Caines @ Abode more likely to fail than to get a Michelin star. There's not a big enough market for expensive dining out in Manchester. The only reason there is a market in London is all the foreign millionaires living there. In Manchester the millionaires are footballers (who deep down prefer eating at KFC), gangsters (who deep down prefer drinking champagne to fine dining), property developers (who are currently sh***ing it on account of the credit crunch), and the Cheshire set (who venture into town only rarely and who aren't very discerning at the best of times).

I shall pop in next week and make up my own mind.

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