Friday, May 02, 2008

Ready for Rangers

I was advised to leave Manchester for a month last night as the city braces itself for an invasion by the supporters of Glasgow Rangers. I just hope they behave themselves better than the other team from their city. When Manchester is visited by green shirts and red necks it's a real pain in the arse.

I'm so chuffed to have a ticket for this one. I've always felt a small tinge of sympathy with Rangers. I went there, with him and him, in 1991 for a Hearts game, en route to see Chris Eubank batter a Mexican taxi driver, and with a Rovers wooly hat on. The lads around us were chuffed to bits to see us; buying us drinks and telling me Rovers/Rangers connections that had never occurred to me. By the time Colin Hendry had been and gone twice, Souness took us to Celtic Park with Tugay in his team and we tried the Barry Ferguson experiment, we feel like blood brothers. Add to that the connection that two of my best pals, Steven Lindsay and Alec Craig, are both Glasweigan-born true blue Rovers fans.

If anyone is reading this and wondering why a member of the holy church of the left foot is spouting this crap, all I can say is that religion should have sod all to do with football.


Simon said...

Oh my God! I remember that day so well..probably the most testosterone loaded in my, boxing, beer and curry.

Great to see what you're up to. How did you end up with so many kids?

Michael Taylor said...

LOL. Brilliant. Good to hear from you Simon. Impressed with your tracking technology too. I remember us getting in a taxi at Glasgow Airport and the cabbie asking us if we were here for the fight. Quite why three weedy speccy blokes from London looked like fight fans is beyond me!

And yes, great curry in Glasgow.

Erikka, Deputy Editor, Scottish Insider said...

I say more Catholics for Rangers. Check out the latest sectarian silliness to hit Scottish Scottish sports journalism (and I'm not even a Herald fan)...