Sunday, May 11, 2008

Season over - predictions revisited

Did OK in my predictions, not brilliant, but got the main one and surprisingly, got Rovers spot on. Not getting into Europe is a real blow. Not just for our travel plans, but for Sparky hoping to get players to sign and keep some of the so-called stars who've been analysed on the Big Four Scouting Special (Match of the Day).

Man U - spot on
Liverpool - two off
Chelsea - one off
Spurs - worst prediction of all, way off
Arse - two off
Villa - spot on
Rovers - spot on
Everton - underestimated
Sunderland - not this good
Newcastle - about right
Reading - overestimated
West Ham - about right
Portsmouth - underestimated
Birmingham - not this good
Man City - not this bad, but 8-1, on the last day, oh dear
Bolton - spot on
Middlesbrough - not this bad
And for the drop...
Derby - as yet undiscovered tribes in darkest Africa will have predicted this
Fulham - wrong
Wigan - wrong

Other tips:
West Brom to win the Championship, Burnley and Preston mid table, Blackpool stay up.
Forest to win League One in some style, Dirty Leeds to go down again.
Rangers to win the Scottish prem, Hibs to get third spot.
Spurs to do well in Europe, maybe even get to the final.
Rovers to do OK, but to parade the Intertoto Cup around in an open top bus

Championship was bang on, and a wish I had the courage to gamble. Shame Dirty Leeds did OK, Scotland is unfinished business. As is the UEFA Cup. Bring it on.

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