Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ten Questions on the Champions League Final

Watching the Champions League final last night was a curious experience, especially as I wasn't bothered about who won, until Chelsea scored. Then it dawned on me how awful it would be if they were to win. Here are ten other unanswered thought provoking questions.

In contrast to John "Chels Through and Through TM" Terry, how "bothered" did Sulky Nic Anelka look when he missed?

Sir Alex Ferguson says United deserved to win it because of the history of the club, does a club therefore have to have suffered a tragedy in order to deserve to win it?

When did UEFA introduce the rule that insists on bald directors leading the teams up for their medals, and why did Peter Kenyon, Chelsea's chief executive, get a medal, and why did Sir Bobby Charlton refuse his?

Does this say anything meaningful about character and class?

How come only Drogba got sent off for raising his hands in the handbags melee?

Wasn't it funny when Wayne Rooney had a wee hissy fit when he got subbed?

When did Joe Cole become the biggest moaner in a team of spitting and snarling moaners?

When the camera panned from Avram Grant to Abramovich, sitting in those outrageously grand official seats, the rich one was seen leaning over and saying something to his girlfriend, was I the only one who thought it looked like "kill him" a la Armstrong and Miller?

ManCon has found out a few things about the lack of an open top bus tour. Isn't it daft not to let them have a victory parade in Manchester and Trafford, or Cornwall, or Cork, or Singapore, or Bedford?

How long was it before someone started sending things like this around by email?

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