Monday, May 26, 2008

Music festivals - taking child cruelty to a new level?

After a couple of consecutive weekends with no football tournaments, no mad dashing around to see people and lots of happy children lolling about we have come up with the idea of going to a weekend music festival. All of us. I read about the Cornbury Music Festival in Oxfordshire in The Word magazine, where it was described as "Poshstock" and a cross between a country fair and a garden party. Lots of reviews and pictures make out that it's very child friendly, assuming the weather holds it could be amazing. Assuming it doesn't, it could be a rotten weekend as well as a very expensive one.

The line-up looks pretty good too: Paul Simon, Crowded House, Half Man Half Biscuit, Carbon Silicon (Mick Jones) and The Bangles.

None of these are on any of the kids' iPod playlists (Mika and Take That figure heavily) but they are on ours. Honestly, it's not about the music though.

Anyone out there got a view? Anyone fancy coming?

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