Monday, May 19, 2008

Business of Sport Summit

Insider put on some more terrific business events last week. We also did our first conference, the Business of Sport Summit. It was a great day to be talking about the North West as a sporting region as the city buzzed with excitement (and, clearly, incontinence) for the UEFA Cup Final. We obviously didn't know Rangers would be coming when we planned it.

One of the best speakers was Chris Ronnie, the chief executive of JJB Sports who did indeed confirm in answer to a question (from me, as the moderator of that session) that he is actively looking to buy Blackburn Rovers, he is acting in concert with other people known to me, but his interest is genuine and consistent with what Alan Nixon has reported in the papers he writes for and on the Rovers supporters message board, thread is here.

He offered the caveat that he is a business man who likes looking at deals. It may come to nothing.

Rothschild in London are handling the sale on behalf of the Walker Trust.

From my point of view, as a Rovers supporter, this all throws up concerns. The biggest of which is the waning interest of the Walker Trustees. Our April magazine carried a detailed feature on this by David Conn, author of The Beautiful Game and a regular columnist in The Guardian. If anyone is interested I can send them a PDF of it. Please leave me a message on this site with your email address and I'll send a copy, or I can post it if someone can help me get over that particular technical hurdle.

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