Saturday, May 10, 2008

How much football can one boy play?

Another mad football day today. Marple Ath under 9s entered the Urmston Meadowside tournament. The A team got to the semi-final, then won the plate trophy. We then rushed over to Stockport Power League for Joe's 9th birthday party with his pals and brothers. A football theme, obviously, as if he wasn't worn out enough by playing ten games in a day.

I've never been to the perfect football tournament, there's always something that's rubbish aboout it. Sometimes it's the catering - overpriced rip off burgers, but food and drink was reasonable at Urmston. No, the problem at this one was the time keeping. We were a full hour over by the time we started worrying about getting over for Joe's party.

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Nick Morrell said...

It's just going dark and I've just got in from Barton Road after a kick about with my 10 year old. Guess what? He didn't want to come in, after playing all day! Tireless, aren't they? But, as Bill Shankly said, "Fresh air, some green grass and a football...What more could a boy want?".