Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beer and whine

I agree with the sentiments expressed by Nigel Hughes, here, who also links to Brian Reade in some paper I never buy, but is here.

This whole NHS campaign against drinking is nonsense. It's a waste of money. It's patronising drivel with no basis in any kind of science.

I registered my protest against this in the usual way by popping into Majestic today. I'm particularly looking forward to getting stuck into a bottle of Ned Black Label Waihopai River Sauvignon Blanc. Served very cold it has that gorgeous gooseberry nose that I've always loved about the Marlborough Montana from the same region, but this is worth the extra couple of quid.

As it's a bank holiday weekend I thought it would be rude not to have some beer to offer guests so grabbed a case of Sol, a fruity Mexican beer.

Cheers. have a great weekend.

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