Saturday, May 17, 2008

Comic capers

A treat for all the boys at the weekend is a comic of their choosing. I remember my primary school teacher Mr Holmes encouraging us to read comics when we were small, as it gave us a love of reading and discovery. Some of the games and puzzles in Children's Favourites are just fantastic and I've just been cutting and sticking a Sponge Bob Square Pants landscape which Matt and Elliot are cackling over now.

Joe and Louis like Match and Match of the Day, which they seem to enjoy as much I liked Shoot when I was their age, while Max keeps us hiding behind the sofa with a Dr Who comic.

They're all pretty expensive though and the content is very pumped up with characters, brands and merchandising.

In the predictable spirit of nostalgia I've shared a few things from my vintage comic collection but it hasn't passed muster. They like Tintin DVDs but not the books. My treasured Victor annual has some good football stories, but a lot of the historical tales are very violent. In these days of tut tutting at Grand Theft Auto, it's easy to forget that we were reared on graphic pictures of "eat lead Jerry" and "Achtung" from Commando and Battle. Victor's Alf Tupper - Tough of the Track - seemed to think a good punch to the face was the best way to solve any dispute, but at least he wasn't trying to flog the kids his own brand of trainers. He would be now.

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